2012 Trends in Social Media Leans Toward Mobile Marketing

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Millions of people around the world use social media and log on to their accounts multiple times each day. The use of social media has had a major impact on the way small businesses advertise, market and conduct commerce, with the rising trend in social media leaning toward larger implementation of mobile marketing.

With more mobile devices in use than there are people in the U.S., mobile marketing through social media is quickly becoming the method of choice. Wider access to high-speed Internet connections, the availability of apps and the proliferation of tablets makes it much easier for individuals to take their social networks with them.

Utilizing social media through mobile marketing is a low-cost way to reach targeted consumers in a variety of ways. Businesses can employ text messaging or offer coupons, games and special deals to entice new customers and reward established clients. Social media avenues have opened new horizons and markets for firms worldwide. Business marketing that used to be confined to specific locales can now be expanded to a global audience.

Mobile marketing via social media can be used for small local businesses or corporations with a worldwide presence. The development of specialized apps has enabled businesses to bring their online store to social media platforms such as Facebook, allowing consumers to make purchases without ever leaving the social media site.

Despite the demonstrated benefits of social media, some businesses have been slow to implement it as an integral part of their marketing strategy, or utilize it to their best advantage. It’s important to note that not all companies will experience a boost in business from social media. Firms that rely primarily on local consumerism, such as landscapers or dry cleaners, won’t obtain much value from social media marketing and could do very well utilizing flyers or referrals.

Maintaining a social media presence that engages consumers takes time and effort. Business owners must provide interesting, informative and entertaining content to persuade visitors to keep coming back. Regular blogging, updating and interaction with fans are essential to hold the interest of today’s consumers.

Social media is a valuable marketing tool that offers multiple methods of engaging customers. The medium continues to evolve, and social media marketing makes it possible to reach those with a wide range of mobile devices for greater market shares and saturation.

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