3 Ways to PCB Manufacturers Can Stand Out in a Crowded Inbox (Infographic)

Is email marketing still relevant in today’s era of social networks? In spite of the skyrocketing popularity of social media and various other online marketing methods, email marketing is still one of the most powerful methods for a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturer seeking to attract new prospects and build loyalty with current customers. It’s an inexpensive and responsive tool that can be personalized to speak directly with customers.

Why is email marketing an effective marketing technique in the PCB industry?

  • It gives you the opportunity to educate your customers about your product.

You can send useful pieces of information and earn the trust of your customers and prospects. Successful PCB marketing entails you to share the capabilities of your facilities and to convince people that you’re the best place to have their boards manufactured.

  • It’s highly cost-effective as you don’t have to spend on huge distribution costs.
  • It’s a great channel to reach your audience and maintain mindshare.

In the competitive space of PCB marketing, it’s crucial that you constantly keep in touch with your customers. This way, you can stay in the back of their mind and grab their attention when buying time comes around.

The major question now is: How do you stand out in your customer’s crowded inbox? Although some business owners may think that the efficacy of email marketing has waned over the years, there are in fact innovative ways that bring animation, audio, video, and dynamically updated content to email. Check out the following three exciting trends that will make your email marketing messages appealing and attention-grabbing to your subscribers.

1. Video in Email
The advent of HTML5 has opened up grand opportunities for the return of video in email. Compared to previous efforts to incorporate video into email using proprietary technologies, HTML is rather open standard. This means that it’s already integrated in web browsers and most mobile phones. With this broad adoption, videos are back in the trend. HTML5 is especially useful because it eliminates the need for third-party applications and plug-ins which are often bombarded with security risks.

The following mail clients are capable of displaying video directly in the email message body:

  • Chrome 3+
  • IE 9+
  • Firefox 3.5+
  • Safari 3.1+ (on desktop) and 3.0+ (iOS)
  • Hotmail (must be viewed in a HTML5 compliant web browser)
  • Any iOS device (must be opened in the native mail client)
  • Outlook for Mac 2011
  • Apple Mail 3 and 4
  • Thunderbird

50% of all email messages today already support full video in email. This implies that around half of your email subscribers should be able to see video in their inbox.

Moreover, it’s now much easier to deploy video in email with the help of providers such as Liveclicker which introduced the Video Email Express. These providers have developed tools that enable marketers to upload a video, embed the video quickly in an email design, and configure settings. Liveclicker is compatible with any email marketing software without the need for any integration or switching.

On top of it all, video-in-email solutions offered by providers aren’t prone to deliverability failures since they don’t rely on Javascript or Flash which get disabled by most email clients.

Technical support of video in email has become wildly popular. Still, many online marketers still choose to redirect email respondents to video hosted on their site or to their Youtube channel, in an attempt to drive useful traffic. Very few, if none at all, configure video to auto-play when the email is opened. This is a wiser choice so the email responders can decide for themselves whether to play the video or not.

As a result, video-in-email placeholders seemingly appear as though they will directly stream video into the inbox; however, they will actually redirect the responder to the company’s official YouTube channel.

The good news is that HTML5 has revamped video in email and it continues to push this trend into the mainstream. Considering that video is very appealing to many Internet users and nearly half of email recipients are capable of viewing full video in email, now is the ideal time for online marketers with great video content to start using this marketing approach.

2. Animation
Animation is closely related to video in email, and it has been utilized in email messages for more than a decade now. Just like the recurring widespread use of video due to the HTML open standard, animation also currently experiences a resurgence in popularity. One of its most significant advantages right now is the easy and simple creation process.

Compared to video which necessitates a video footage, animation can be made using static images in.gif or.png format. This type of content is perhaps something that most marketers already have.

Animation may not have sound, but the images already speak for themselves well enough. As the popular adage goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” And in the case of animation, a moving picture is worth a lot more when applied in email.

3. Dynamic Content
Dynamic content is on a much higher level when it comes to email marketing. It presents a creative approach with its updated and time-specific content. What’s more, depending on the time your email recipient reads the message, the content can change to reflect the following:

  • The remaining time before your special promo/offer expires
  • Maps showing nearby events
  • Updated travel itineraries and events
  • The remaining real-time inventory quantities
  • Social media comments
  • Names and images of people attending a certain conference or event

All of these are made possible with the use of dynamic content. LiveIntent and Movable Ink are two major players paving the way towards real-time dynamically customized email marketing.

LiveIntent focuses on delivering dynamic content solutions which are advertiser oriented for publishers. Their chief goal is to assist publishers in monetizing email subscribers in the same way as they can monetize website visitors by placing publisher-sold ads dynamically into email newsletters. LiveIntent also allows dynamically served ads throughout their agency network for clients seeking a wider audience.

Movable Ink aims to transform marketing emails into vessels for live content. Once email recipients open an email created using Movable Ink, the company presents content according to the location of recipients, social content, current time, and business rules specified by marketers.

One example from Movable Ink is an email highlighting a countdown timer along with a dynamically changing location and inventory.

Both LiveIntent and Movable Ink send dynamically customized images after sensing that the device email is being opened so that an email respondent viewing an email on a desktop will see a particular version of the message while another opening it on a mobile device will see a different version.

Now that you know these three wonderful ways to bring email back into the limelight, it’s about time that you make yourself stand out from the heaps of competition that swarm your customers’ inboxes. Your recipients will likely appreciate valuable, relevant, and up-to-date content that comes creatively in video, animation, or dynamic content.

For a better email marketing strategy, it’s best that you offer content that potential customers of Printed Circuit Board manufacturers are looking to read in their inbox. You may include an education series, which encompasses cutting-edge how-to guides. PCB designers are constantly searching for guides that will help them solve issues such as utilization of low-voltage differential signaling and high speed data transmissions. You may also present guides on how to improve efficiency in Circuit Board design such as thermal performance. By explaining money-saving tips and sharing useful information, you can earn the trust and respect of your audience.

Another great content type is promotion and awareness newsletters. Promotions and offers surely catch the attention of buyers. You may opt to offer special promos on some layer count boards, or give away things like E-Test and finishes. Don’t forget to inform the customer about how these promos help them save.

Email marketing is truly still a viable way to educate, attract, and build customers. It’s a feasible long-term marketing strategy and an efficient brand-building method because your customers receive your emails regularly. Unlike social media communications where people can easily get confused in random social chatter, your email subscribers get a clearer, more focused, and more personalized message. Since email has become a highly competitive space, you want to use a better approach. Use the tips mentioned above to give yourself an edge over competition and to stand out in your customers’ crowded inboxes.

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