Email Marketing For The 2015 Holidays

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Tis the season to market, market, market! The end of the year is full of holiday cheer which sends your ideal customers on the hunt for the perfect gift. Think your product fits the bill? Then it’s time to get the word out there! Email marketing can be one of the smartest ways to leverage your holiday sales when done right. Before you press the send button, use our tips below to make these emails the most wonderful ones of the year.


Plan Ahead of Time

Don’t underestimate the madness of the holiday season. Multimillion dollar corporations have every aspect of their holiday marketing strategy planned out well before you put your swim suit away for the season. While this can be hard to do for a small business, we recommend taking the time to step away from your day to day tasks and brainstorm a game plan. Set financial goals, make a list of items you’d love to sell and see what types of deals and discounts are within your means. Present these ideas to your team and decide how many emails you’d like to send over the season and the content that will be within them. It can’t hurt to have your initial planning done too early as a graphic designer will need time to bring your vision to life and the designs have to be converted into a format that’s friendly for sending.

Something for Everyone

Ensuring your email has “something for everyone” while still being useful can be difficult depending on how wide your product selection is. Your business will always have its breadwinning category, but there’s a good chance that other categories aren’t too far behind it. Finding a balance that includes your breadwinner but also appeals to everyone else is key. Shoppers are in the market for gifts that run the gamut in terms of a target audience. Having a focus that’s too small won’t attract as many buyers who would have otherwise found the perfect gift from your company if the thought was planted in their mind. Here are some easy examples of how to appeal to a broad range of buyers in a single sales or marketing email:

  • A sporting goods store may want to include something for the younger high school athletes, the gym buffs and put another spotlight on general attire.
  • A pet supply store may want to have a main section that highlights cats and dogs, but another smaller area that mentions great deals within the aquatic or small animal department.

Layout and Design2

Once you have goals set, deals in place and a sending schedule in mind, work with a graphic designer to create a smart design for your holiday marketing emails. Look for a professional that has experience with email marketing and design, as the layout/design needs vary dramatically from that of a brochure or website. Consider keeping your color scheme to a minimum and always try to have the design showcase the product in order to prevent it from blending in. If you have emailed your database in the past, review the analytics for your top five most successful emails and see what they have in common in terms of their design and presentation of information. Take this into account if possible! If that information isn’t available, express your interest in trying a few different designs that have the same overall style. The similar look and feel emails will be a great way to learn more about your business while still getting the word out.

Your holiday email marketing initiatives have the ability to not only generate big bucks during the jolly season, but to introduce lifelong clients to your business. Go the extra mile to really wow your customers and they’ll be sure to take notice of your efforts.

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