Metaphors to understand Agile Development and Scaling Back.

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I created this as a sort of quick personal reminder to help me calm down when I get a bit carried away. I’d like to add more to help people relate, so please submit yours.

It’s always fun creating a list of features that you think people “want,” in the end, through, you are left with bitter disappointment because you couldn’t have everything you wanted! For you in that situation, don’t worry! It was actually better you scaled back your project, because you would’ve eventually noticed it’s like grocery shopping after a 2-day fasting and having nothing in the fridge at home. You’re left with a lot of food that you bought thinking “Hey, I don’t have any food at home, let me buy some extra,” before you even notice it, half it is is either rotting inside the untouched vegetable drawer or expired hiding in the cabinet. That’s why you only buy what you need plus non-perishables, or in other words, core functions and carefully evaluated features. So from the start, think minimalist, like traveling European back-backer, pack exactly what you need to start the journey. Cut the unnecessary features, utilize open-source products, and build up the skills to adapt to the crowd(noticing trends, understanding feedback, and taking action).

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