The B2B and B2C Benefits of Using Mailchimp Powered Emails

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Around the early 40s, when businesses started using television to advertise themselves, many people announced the demise of print and billboard marketing. 80 years have gone by, and we still have billboards and print ads coexisting with all other modes of promotion.

The same verdict was given about email marketing when social media broke out on the scene in the mid-2000s. As its popularity increased and newer SM platforms continued to crop up, it had become a leading media for online communication and promotion. Nonetheless, it didn’t affect the importance of email marketing for promotional and marketing purposes.

Mailchimp is one of the thriving proofs of the effectiveness of email marketing. This email automation service and CRM module have been serving Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Customers (B2C) enterprises for around two decades. Social media was born and grown into a giant in front of Mailchimp. But it hasn’t made inroads in Mailchimp’s market. Mailchimp has only grown into a bigger, better, and more holistic email automation platform in all those years.

In this piece, we will discuss how the use of this email service and Mailchimp experts can help B2B and B2C entities for better promotion and visibility of their services.

Importance of Email Marketing in Numbers

Before we move on to discuss the particular benefits of Mailchimp-powered email marketing for B2B and B2C domains, it is imperative to have a glance over the statistics that highlight the indispensable nature of email marketing.

  • 93% of B2B entities use email for their marketing content distribution.
  • Over 80% of B2B enterprises believe that email newsletters are the cornerstone of their digital marketing success.
  • Nearly 3 out of 4 millennials want businesses to make their communications via email.
  • 99% of consumers check their email daily.
  • More than half of online marketers believe that email offers the best ROI.
  • 4 out of 5 business professionals think that effective email marketing increases customer retention.

These stats provide enough proof in favor of using email marketing for promotion. To make it effective and better than what your competitors are doing, use the vehicle of Mailchimp. In the next two sections, we will discuss how Mailchimp can benefit B2B and B2C businesses in their email marketing and correspondence.

B2B Benefits of Using Mailchimp

Businesses that have to reach out to other businesses can take various advantages from Mailchimp-powered email marketing.

It Will Be Cost-Effective

Besides the nominal cost of using a Mailchimp agency and the software, you do email marketing virtually free of cost. Whether you have 20 or 200 potential business clients, you can reach out to them without straining your budget. Compare it with the events and PR campaigns that you have to carry out to get to your clientele.

Such promotional exercises entail a lot of money, and there is no way to ensure their return. To begin with, you can’t “force” people to come to your event or even sift through your entire presentation or video ads. Also, all those activities require some effort on the clients’ part. For many business owners, putting effort into listening to what another business says to sell its stuff is just a deal-breaker.

If you are short on budget, there is no reason to take on those risky and uncertain B2B marketing methods, especially when you have Mailchimp-powered marketing at your disposal. A professionally developed custom Mailchimp template and marketing pitch won’t be just a great cost saver. It will also generate a higher and meaningful response.

Better Outreach

If you are offering a product or service to businesses worldwide, it is almost impossible to engage them through conventional marketing methods. For instance, it won’t be feasible for a regular non-conglomerate business to organize events in, say, Sydney, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Mumbai.

When an enterprise has its business clientele spread across cities, countries, and continents, email marketing provides the most organized and synergized way to reach out to them. When you correspond with your global clientele, Mailchimp-powered emails prove to be more useful.

Mailchimp’s automated and personalized email system allows you to communicate with all various groups of decisionmakers from different time zones and speak different languages in a streamlined manner. You can optimize your emails according to time zones and making sure your mail recipients open the mail when they can take the desired action.

Measurable Results

You want to know how your marketing efforts have turned out. Although the general response on a campaign gives you a fair idea of how it has unfolded, its numbers that give you a precise verdict. For email marketing campaigns being carried out with Mailchimp, you can run various metrics to assess your B2B campaign’s success.

For instance, you can study your email campaign’s marketing reach while factoring in the graphical locations. You can also find the open, click, and bounce rates of your email campaign while comparing it with your peers.

Analyze and deduce all the data this software churned about various aspects of your email campaign by working with Mailchimp experts. They know how to use this email automation service to make the most of it. They will assist you in making sense of all the data that the Mailchimp’s analytical features produce.

Easy to Design and Launch

You don’t need a lot of resources, brainstorming, and turnaround time to design and launch a B2B email marketing campaign, given that you are using an automation platform. When you devise an email campaign manually, it takes a considerable amount of time. You need to put together a customized body of email whenever you want to reach out to any potential client.

However, when you devise, design, and launch it from Mailchimp’s platform, everything becomes a breeze. You can automate customized messages to different business clients. You also have an HTML email bulk to work with. This functionality allows you to target small businesses in a particular niche with all the audio, video, image, and text content you think is important for the correspondence.

B2C Benefits of Using Mailchimp

Like B2B, Mailchimp can also facilitate B2C marketing and correspondences for any business. Let’s see how.

Make Personalized Emails for Your Consumer Base

In B2C correspondences, businesses always find themselves in a bind. They want to reach out to every customer by writing personalized emails. However, in regular en masse emailing that goes to thousands of customers, it is not possible. This has changed with the email personalization feature of Mailchimp.

Mailchimp has introduced merge tag integration in its email. You can drop those tags (brand logo, reward details, date, etc.) into your email to define its different parts. Mailchimp will take out the content for those tags in line with different groups of your contacts to make those emails personal.

The email automation service has also introduced a drag-and-drop dynamic content feature. When you use this feature for any email, the same email can reach out to different contacts in a personalized manner, with some of its parts hidden and shown based on the conditions you choose.

You only have to put together a single mail that will reach out to your entire group of customers with a different and relevant touch of personalization.

Besides these groundbreaking personalization features, Mailchimp also offers some other valuable assistance. For instance,

  • It can predict the demographic of your consumers to help with the personalization of emails.
  • It also gives you cues about what’s interesting is happening at the geographical locations of your customers.

You Can Generate More Response

Even though the personalization of an email seems enough to generate a good response from consumers, but that might not the case all the time. Many small details can also change the fate of an email.  For instance, you create an impressive email for a group of consumers. However, the email reaches them when they are away from their computers and not checking their phones. In that case, you won’t get a good open rate, let alone a response.

Similarly, a personalized email may not generate a meaningful action and response if the client doesn’t know where to proceed. Mailchimp addresses both these problems to improve the response rate on your emails.

It analyzes the patterns in the available data of your correspondence and time-optimize your emails for a moment where customers are more likely to respond and take the required action.  Mailchimp resolves the other issue by offering a content studio and en masse HTML email.

Using these features in the right manner makes it easy for a consumer to act according to the CTA of the email.

It Can Improve Your Site Ranking

When you operate in a B2C domain, you need to maintain your ranking on Google’s first page for the relevant keywords. Mailchimp also helps you in maintaining that prized spot in some way. When you write personalized emails with clear and easy-to-act CTAs, you bring more traffic to your website even if all those clicks don’t translate into conversions. Currently, users spend most of their online time on social media, and a good promotional email campaign is an excellent way of bringing them to a webpage.

You Can Write Transactional Emails without Confusion

B2C enterprises, especially those working in the e-commerce landscape, have to go through a lot of hassle in sending transactional emails en masse. When you use any regular email automation system, you can’ automate it to generate and send transactional emails.

Mailchimp is not like other automation systems when it comes to “order confirmation,” “payment received,” and other transactional emails. You can use Mailchimp to create and send personalized transactional emails while using either API or SMTP interfaces. This feature will ensure that your every sale round offs smoothly.

You Can Send Reminders

In the B2C landscape, customer turnover happens at such a large scale that many times you can’t devise a strategy to reach out to all those gone customers. Mailchimp can also assist you in recalling the customers who are no longer doing business with you.

The software can provide you with information regarding all those in your contact list but have been inactive for the longest time. You can then send all those dormant customers a customized email with an offer or discount. If you run an e-commerce store, you can send the “abandoned cart” reminders to your customers via Mailchimp.

Mailchimp also offers B2C enterprises all those advantages that any B2B business gets from using it. For example, it comes equally cost-effective for B2C businesses as well. Sending compelling, response-drawing personalized emails through Mailchimp offers better ROIs than an expensive video ad that you have to run on various platforms after paying them hefty rates. Moreover, you can also measure your B2C email campaigns’ success by using the analytical features of Mailchimp.

Final Thoughts

You may have realized that Mailchimp is a multifaceted email automation system with a ton of features. For a business owner and their team already juggling with too many things, it might not be possible to utilize Mailchimps features fully.

If you want to use the email automation and CRM platform for its optimal functionality, reach out to us and will make sure the software seamlessly integrates into your B2B or B2C system.

This post may contain affiliate links for which we receive commission if you visit a link and purchase something based off our recommendation. By making a purchase through an affiliate link, you won’t be charged anything extra. We only recommend products and services we’ve thoroughly tested ourselves and trust.

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