What Does The Future Hold For Responsive Web Design?

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When we talk about web design, it simply means ‘responsive web design’. Due to the increased use of smart phones, web designers have no choice but to design websites that are responsive and extremely easy to use on mobile devices. Without a fully functional and responsive mobile friendly site, your business will have no future. Let’s find out what the future holds for responsive web design and how should you strategize your web design.

Mobile-Friendly Websites get acknowledged by Google

In 2013, Google came with a mobile website ranking update which allowed businesses to bring their websites on top of search engines. On April 21st, 2015, Google made a few changes to its rankings by providing higher ranks to the sites that are fully responsive on mobile devices. This means that if your mobile website is fully responsive and user-friendly, you will be on top and your website will be labeled as mobile friendly.

This upgrade to Google’s mobile sites rankings will completely change the future of responsive web design. This algorithmic change in Google’s search engine has provided a great chance for businesses to design mobile friendly responsive websites if they want to secure the top ranks. Moreover, when people will search for a website on their smartphones, Google will only show mobile friendly websites in the search engine. This upgrade will lead to major changes to responsive web design.

So, if you are still not convinced with the whole phenomenon, read on to find out why your business needs a responsive mobile website.

Why do you need a Responsive Mobile-Friendly Website?

Those times are long gone when you just needed to design a desktop website. Today, with 80% of internet users surfing on their smartphones; it has become a necessity to create a mobile friendly site along with a desktop version.

A responsive mobile friendly site is not a desktop version available on smartphones, but it is a separately designed website that is made to work perfectly in any sized smart phone. The mobile website should be easy to use and  its content shouldn’t be too small or too stretched. Moreover, when users open your website on their smart phones, they should be automatically re-directed to your mobile friendly site for enhanced user experience.

It is also extremely important to focus on the changing sizes of smart phone screens when designing a mobile friendly website. That’s the reason a responsive web design should be your primary goal when designing a website.

Strategize Content Placement of your Website

Once you have learnt how important it is to design a mobile friendly website, you now need to move to the next most important step, which is to determine content placement. A responsive website is the one which is made to suit different smart phone screen sizes. In larger smart phones, not many options are easy to reach with the thumb, especially the top left and bottom right of the screen. That’s the reason you need to place your website’s most important content in easy to reach areas of the screen.

Monitor your Website’s Activity

After launching your mobile friendly site, you need to see whether your visitors are liking it or not. Analytics play an important role in monitoring the visitors’ activity. So, if your website design isn’t responsive, you will find little traffic or visitor activity through Google Analytics.

The number of mobile users has out-numbered desktop users. That’s a reason enough for businesses to start designing responsive mobile websites to increase traffic and sales by enhancing the user experience. So, the future of responsive web design is solid and if you have not taken this into account, then you need to immediately.

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