3 Mailchimp Campaigns to Target “Almost” Customers

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Reviewing the company’s most recent customer acquisition, sales, and browsing data can be extremely frustrating when things don’t seem to add up. Your site has high traffic, great SEO in place and excellent deals, yet shoppers simply aren’t converting into buyers. We’ve put together three strong Mailchimp email campaigns that target these “almost” customers directly and turn them into definite buyers. Try one of the below email marketing campaigns with a custom Mailchimp template to bring this well-deserved revenue to your company.

Target the Opt-Ins from your Email List Coupon Offer

This email campaign type is arguably the most valuable of the three in total. These customers were directly interested in receiving a discount as they had a higher level of intent to purchase. Your Opt-In list should already be segmented aside in MailChimp, which makes for one less step in the email marketing process for this audience. Work with professionals to create a customized email template that features an additional special offer to this group. Perhaps you had previously offered 10% off, consider doubling it to 20% for this special email. Professional web designers and developers will craft a template that’s friendly across all devices and optimized for mobile as well as one that looks beautiful graphically. Tracking pixels can be inserted for additional analytical data if you utilize third party services in addition to what Mailchimp offers. Consider a subject line that directly mentions a better deal especially for them. Your goal is simple here, so the email text should be as well. Short and sweet will do just fine!

Target Abandoned Shopping Cart Customers

Target Abandoned Shopping Cart Customers

Abandoned shopping carts are puzzling, and you may never have clear answers on as to why people have jumped ship. What you can do is use these tools to try and minimize the amount times it happens on your site. Shockingly, around 70% of all composed online shopping carts are left unpurchased. Targeting this audience might seem impossible, but it’s more than doable with a few practices put in place ahead of time. Trained professionals can set your site up to identify and collect key data points that indicate an abandoned shopping cart. These background elements create a user profile that will be added to the dedicated list created in MailChimp. Working with certified Mailchimp experts is a must for this type of campaign, as it’s one that will be sent out on a rolling basis based off of the commands initially set up. Research shows that the ideal time to send an abandoned cart email is three days after the action. Professionals can put these commands in place, leaving you free to focus on other things, yet open to receiving all of these deserved sales. Concentrate on large graphics for this email with two calls to action encouraging them to come back and purchase. As always, responsive email themes are a must, and only a custom email marketing template can fully achieve this across all devices.

Target Avid Marketing Email Readers

Target Avid Marketing Email Readers

Having a great email open rate is an achievement to be proud of! It means that your company is creating valuable content and leveraging your products in just the right ways. Frustratingly enough, this isn’t enough on its own to convert some tough cookies. Start by creating a new email list in Mailchimp and labeling it “Frequent Openers”. Certified Mailchimp professionals can pull your email list as a whole and separate it by data points that indicate users with a high open rate. Let this list grow while a custom template is in development. A flexible template that’s easy to modify in the future is ideal for a high open rate campaign. These emails perform best when a few products are featured, and the calls to action can be modified accordingly. Web design and development pros can accommodate this request and create something that offers product spotlight. Consider adding small animation aspects and talk with your developers about future sequences that will keep a close eye on this audience.

Focused marketing is effective marketing, and these three specialized email campaigns will have you on your way to new sales. Presentation is everything, and a professionally designed email marketing template guarantees that your brand is adequately represented and is serious about obtaining business.

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