Case Studies

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Equipping Heggerty’s Website with WooCommerce and Customer-Friendly Features

Heggerty Phonemic Awareness approached us with a request: they needed help implementing a long list of features, upgrades, and maintenance tasks for their brand new website.

Creating a Nationally Recognized Learning Platform for Discovery Cube Connect

When Discovery Cube Orange County approached AnnexCore, they were looking for a way to expand their reach and help students across the country. They requested building a new platform for “Discovery Cube Connect”, which would function both as a learning platform and as an authoritative resource.

Creating and Implementing a New Plugin for SIMMS Restaurant Group

When SIMMS Restaurant Group approached AnnexCore, they were looking for a way to better incorporate Paytronix into their WooCommerce website.

Implementing Streamlined Features for Mike’s Organic Delivery

When Mike’s Organic Delivery approached AnnexCore, they needed us to implement some new features and tweaks on an ongoing basis. Their team requested that we streamline their order processing for subsequent orders and clean up their checkout process – and we did just that.

Rebuilding the Cline APC Website + Optimizing for Speed

Cline APC, a lemon law firm, approached AnnexCore for our website development services. They needed to rebuild their entire site based on specific design concepts and inspirations. At the same time, they needed ongoing SEO as well as site maintenance.

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