Case Study

Rebuilding the Cline APC Website + Optimizing for Speed

Client Background

About Cline APC

Cline APC lawyers specialize in dealing with lemon law cases in California. Their aggressive, battle-tested team of attorneys helps people understand their rights under lemon law, as well as seek justice when they’re driving a faulty car.

With Cline APC’s help, clients receive fair payments from the big manufacturers that sell defective vehicles. The firm’s goal is to achieve the highest possible compensation quickly. They’re driven by a passion for consumer justice.

Rebuilding the Entire Website

When Cline APC approached us, they needed help optimizing their website for speed, as well as web design based on their design concepts. AnnexCore took over the site and rebuilt it with the Elementor page builder, which would allow for easy changes in the future as needed.

After our changes to the website, Cline APC was able to pull in more than 500 conversions a month – sometimes as many as 1000 conversions. Our goal was to get Cline APC more attention, and therefore, more converted sales.

What we did

We increased Cline APC website’s use of organic keywords, leading to much higher overall rankings in Google’s search results. Previously, the site ranked for 122 keywords, but our goal was to get it to rank for more than 1,500.

Additionally, we transferred Cline APC’s website hosting to Kinsta. We then began to manage their onsite WordPress SEO tactics, as well as offsite SEO.

Final Results

An Improved Website Experience

In a short period of time, AnnexCore was able to give Cline APC the website it deserved and needed. Through changes in hosting, page building, and SEO strategy, we achieved a higher level of online visibility and a better user experience.

With our help, Cline APC also now has access to a “Website Health Score” that indicates how their website is performing – currently at 94 percent with a crawlability rating of 89 percent and an overall site performance rating of 96 percent.

We were able to take the website’s referring page rate and bring it from almost nothing to over 20K. More than 200 domains refer to the page, and at least nine of the website’s blog posts now rank in the top ten in Google searches for top keywords.

The site experienced a large boom in organic keyword rankings. It now ranks for more than 1,590 keywords and has more than doubled its rankings since 2019.

Now, Cline APC is on our WP Autopilot plan for website maintenance. We continuously provide automated backups, security checks, and other services on an as-needed basis.